The UMA is a social enterprise formed as a company limited by guarantee whereby all profits are ploughed back into the company to achieve its objectives. The founders philosophy is taken from the understanding for the need to balance noncommercial and commercial activity within the realm of music.

The founders who initiated this project, have a wide range of expertise from a variety of sectors including, IT industry, creative industries, education and government sponsored programs that many community oriented organisations often lack. The UMA can create much needed impetus and direction not to mention purpose, for people keen to promote the positive nature of music in the UK.

UMA has no doubt there are still exciting opportunities to harness talent in these testing times for the music industry. Our strong belief is there are better ways of recognising the collective strengths in the industry.

Our plan is to bring together everyone from the industry guru’s, the recreational users and the unsung heroes, that make up the magnificent music populous of the UK and celebrate its spirit, diversity, communities and those in the professional ranks.