Goals and Objectives

The ambition of UMA is to create aspirational goals for UK Music that are not solely commercially biased. Our primary ambition is to create the biggest collective event programme, driven by the users of the free software platform we are adopting to aid it. This allows the users, participants and partners and those inspired by the project to be part of something completely unique.

The software, being developed in collaboration with our technical partner, would act in part, as the bond in recognising the need for systems and various quantifiable aspects of UK’s music output. In achieving our goals, we’ll be supporting and encouraging creativity, and with this software not only in influencing users, but in creating a table of information, using it help direct purposeful output.

The aim, for those who wish to take part in the project, will be to show how each entity can influence both the qualities we recognise and the outcome of the event programme, as well as being rewarded and valued by the effort they undertake in their own day to day music activity.

With this structure in place, UMA hopes to see UK music flourish with a greater sense of achievement for its participants in fostering unity, social well being and education, substantially improving the quality of the lives of people through their involvement.