What is this project

Having seen the impact music has on education and within communities, especially the role it plays in youth development and social well being. UMA have identified how we can ably assist in enhancing education and community positivity through the provision of music interaction. Work being carried out by the Mayor’s office through the Mayor’s music department, has shown through it’s support of music initiatives, that music can be utilised as a tool to facilitate positive learning experiences through the power of social interaction with unparalleled success, noting fantastic results in Tower Hamlets. James Rhodes documentary ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ also acts as a poignant case study outlining the benefits and positivity from learning music within the education realm.

Aside from its commercial benefits, research has highlighted music as a means, proven to promote many assets in young and underprivileged people, encouraging memory retention, refining motor skills, superior study habit and increased self-esteem, strengthening self-confidence and creating sense of achievement.

Building on this knowledge the UMA plans to further this experience, in the creation of innovative systems, events and information for UK music to embrace.