Project Overview

Having received funding from The Big Lottery Fund to deliver a programme of free music-inspired workshops, the UMA is set to deliver a new perspective on the world of music to young people. Each workshop will have unique insights into creative and vocational aspects of music. The programme will be presented with fun and engaging techniques, using a points and reward system helping stimulate interest in the programme and throughout each of the events.

Our Aims

Our belief is that music provision should be purposeful and should have meaningful outcomes. This program aims to show the positive pathways into music and includes inspirational guests that advocate the joy in experiencing music in its various guises.

Founded by Enthusiasts

The UMA are a group of passionate people with a vast experience of developing grassroots music projects, having hosted over 1500 shows, in multiple venues across London, Essex and Kent. We have also run stages, showcasing local talent at Danson (Bexley) Festival over a number of years. Our experience and support has helped a number of artists to achieve their goals.


Music at the Heart of Education

We have seen first hand, the value and positive impact of a supportive environment for young people to develop and pursue their creative interests. We’ve acknowledged the work being done by the UK Music Hubs and also that offered through the existing school-based educational curriculum. The UMA intends to springboard music aspirations beyond an expression of youth, to create interest in music pursuits and possibly inspire lifelong passion. By outlining and exploring pathways open to young people, we can further offer advice, assistance, practical solutions and networking opportunities. We understand the benefits of the current educational framework in underpinning extra-curricular music-based activities and essentially we’ll be joining the dots and creating clarity in the pursuit of music interests.

Engagement Elements

Central to our engagement process is a points and reward structure, which shows the effectiveness of imposing game mechanics (Gamification) in everyday routines. Points will be awarded by assessing attendance, understanding content through Q&A and Quizzes and recognising social interactions. Participants will accrue further points through bonuses, resulting in awards and rewards bestowed on them to increase their social well-being. All regular participants will also receive a unique certificate.

The Schedule

We are aiming to deliver a program of a minimum of 6 Sessions between February and April 2017 that supplements the regular music curriculum. We are reaching out to find partners to help facilitate the delivery period to enable the best locations and facilities to be used for the workshops. Whilst we’re focused on 8 sessions, this may increase depending on availability of key speakers and resources.


Dates – 6 Sessions

30th January – 12th February – Peer Leaders Engagement & Feedback Period

13th February  -28th February – Promotion of Program, Pitching and Interest Guage & Onboarding

1st March – 14th April – Program Delivery (45 Days 5 – Academic Weeks in March)

15th April – 17th April – Finale Event Period/Feedback and Information Gathering

17th April – 14th May – Reporting Phase of outcomes for Lottery